Your blog needs beautiful, eye catching images. Your social media needs beautiful, eye catching images.

Can you take them? No? Then this is the course for you.

Learn the building blocks of photography, one at a time, and create the online presence you have always wanted.


30 videos, 4 workbooks, quizzes & checklists.

Work at your own pace.

"I have enjoyed so much taking this course. Not only does Emma explain every technical aspect with concise and clear videos, but also she guides you in how to use it in blogging. I have learned for example better ways to improve my social media accounts, or my branding image. This is one of the best online courses I have taken. I truly recommend it if you want to take your blog to the next level." Christina

"Emma has made me look again at why I blog and more importantly how I blog and this can only improve my blogging in the future. Thank you Emma." Hilary

"Can I just say, Emma, you are a fantastic instructor. Not only do you break everything down into manageable, bite-sized nuggets, but you also make the most technical aspects understandable. Thank you." Stacy

Your Instructor

I'm Emma Davies: I've been a professional photographer for 15 years, I've been teaching photography for 10 years and blogging for 5. You can find me everywhere online at @EmmaDaviesPhoto. I've been shortlisted for 2016 International Garden Photographer of the Year.

What's included?


Video 1: Flatlay for Instagram success

Video 2: Lighting essentials

Video 3: Setting up a tabletop studio

Video 4: What is Exposure?

Video 5: The exposure triangle

Video 6: Introduction to aperture, shutter speed and ISO

Video 7: Protecting your copyright

Video 8: Where to find safe royalty-free images online

Module 1 Workbook & checklists


Video 9: Aperture, and how to blur the background

Video 10: JPEGs vs RAW file formats

Video 11: Microblogging on social media

Video 12: Creating shareable blog posts

Video 13: The secrets of a shareable image

Video 14: What to share?

Video 15: Introduction to Instagram & Twitter

Video 16: Introduction to Faceboom & Pinterest

Module 2 Workbook & checklists


Video 17: Basic edits

Video 18: Advanced edits

Video 19: Shutter speed

Video 20: Optimising images for search and speed

Video 21: Image resolution - the essentials

Module 3 - Workbook & checklists


Video 22: Using a single focal point for maximum impact

Video 23: Basic composition

Video 24: Advanced composition

Video 25: Backgrounds - the critical element

Video 26: Viewpoint - the most overlooked aspect of a photograph

All the questions I've ever been asked

How long can I keep the videos?

All the videos, worksheets and quizzes are yours to keep. The course is designed to be completed over 4 weeks, at a rate of 3 lessons a week, but you can work at your own faster or slower pace if preferred.

Do I need a DSLR?

You need a camera where you can change the aperture and the shutter speed.

A DSLR is great, but you can also use a bridge camera or a mirrorless camera. If you just use a phone or a point-and-shoot, this course is not for you.

What standard of photography should I be?

If you can comfortably shoot on manual mode, this course is too basic for you. The photography part of the course is aimed at beginner photographers who want to learn how to use their DSLR.

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What about the blogging part of the course?

I'm assuming you want more readers, and that is what the blogging aspects of the course cover - how to use your images to stand out online.

How much time will it take?

It'll probably take you an hour each week to watch the videos, but that isn't going to turn you into a master photographer. It's the practice that will get you there.

This course will take away all the decision making that's been stopping you making a start with your photography. All you have to do is the one thing that I teach you in each lesson, nothing else. Practise it, understand it, share it - and then do the next lesson. 

Bottom line - if you can't set aside 3 hours each week to practice, you might not be ready for this particular course. 

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Do I need a blog?

Yes. You need to have (or be wanting to have in the near future) a lifestyle blog.

Is the course only for lifestyle bloggers?

Yes. All the examples and blogging advice are aimed at lifestyle bloggers and their priorities. Other bloggers are welcome, but don't expect fashion photography or close-up beauty blogging advice. 

What do you mean by lifestyle blog?

Family, craft, travel, design, personal (diary).

What if I don't like the course?

Just tell me in an email, and I'll refund the full amount paid. No questions, and we'll stay friends.

Why do you offer that guarantee?

Because I know how hard it is to buy a course online - you don't really know what you're getting. And if you open it up and decide it's too easy, or too hard, or the focus is wrong, or you don't like my videos, then just email me for a refund.

I don't want anyone in my life to be annoyed or disappointed if there's anything I can do about it - life's to short.

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