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If you are anything like the photographers I speak to every day, you have tried to understand your camera many times. Lots of people have probably explained exposure, aperture and shutter speed to you. You might feel stupid for not understanding, or frustrated that you don’t get it. Well, here’s the secret – it’s not you, it’s the way you’ve been taught.

I have helped hundreds of photographers just like you – photographers who know they should be able to blur the background, remember what an f-stop is, and understand the exposure triangle, but who just can’t bring it all together when their camera is in their hands.

Honestly - it's not rocket science, you just need to learn things in the right order. 

step by step

I teach photography slowly, and in the real world as well as online. I have a masters degree in online education and I’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years. I know what’s needed to learn photography online effectively – step by step tutorials, a supportive community, and the opportunity to ask questions as soon as they occur to you.

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Because I want everyone to have the chance to learn photography properly, and to take photos they are proud of. Not to feel guilty about leaving the big camera behind, or shooting on Auto all the time. To be confident they can switch an aperture, or change a shutter speed to create the image they can see in their heads.

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About me

I'm a commercial and fine art flower photographer.

I was shortlisted in the 2016 International Garden Photographer of the Year Awards.

I teach photography at the Sussex Flower School, the National Trust, and at Plantpassion's cut flower farm.

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I have 3 online photography courses: one for florists, one for bloggers, and one (A Year With My Camera) for beginner DSLR users.

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