Welcome to A Year With My Camera. The first of the workshop emails will be delivered to your inbox on Thursday.

The entire email course is free. If you can't wait for all the lessons, want to catch up easily, or just like to have a book to hold, you can buy the course on Amazon in workbook format. There are 2 workbooks that cover the whole year; start with book 1. (You do not need to buy the workbook to join the course, this bit is optional.)


Essential admin

There will be a welcome email waiting for you in your inbox now.

If you use gmail, it might have been delivered to your Promotions folder. The easiest way to stop this happening with the rest of my emails is to drag and drop the first email from the Promotions folder to the Primary folder. Or you can add emma@emmadaviesphoto.com as a contact. Or you can set up a filter (under settings) so that all emails from emma@emmadaviesphoto.com go to your inbox.

If you use hotmail, it might be in your junk mail, or it might take a few days to arrive. And even then it might be delivered to your junk mail. This is a known problem with hotmail, and there is nothing I can do at my end to fix it. I use MailChimp to deliver my emails, and hotmail has a delivery glitch with some accounts. You can try asking hotmail support to ensure emails from emma@emmadaviesphoto.com are delivered to your inbox, or you can keep an eye on your junk mail. Or best of all - use a different email address, if you have one.

What to expect

You'll get an email every Thursday with a photography lesson. The workshop started at the beginning of the year and you'll jump right in with the current lesson. 

You can catch up on previous lessons, and read the FAQ, here: emmadaviesphotography.com/a-year-start-here/

I suggest staying current with the group, and catching up on the other lessons that interest you when you have time.

THe facebook group

The private Facebook group is the best place to meet other people doing the workshop, and to get informal feedback on your images. 

Some guidelines for the group:

1. Only post your own images. No exceptions. 

2. Other than some one-off posts, like First Post Friday threads which I post from time to time, please only post images you have taken for this workshop. 

3. If you don't want to get emails when people post, or see all the new posts in your newsfeed, change the notification settings. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/help/187225274663021.

4. Each week I'll usually start a new thread for everyone to post their homework. This makes it easy to find everyone's posts. Use the search bar to find older homework threads if you are catching up.

5. I don't give feedback on every image posted. If there's a quick problem I can help with, I will comment. If I have more time than usual, I'll leave feedback. 

6. Please jump in and comment on other people's photos. Everyone has a different opinion, and that's what makes photography great. Be polite, be positive, but don't be afraid to say what you think (if you can back it up). Do say, "I love the colours, but I think it would be a stronger image if you were at eye level with the dog." Don't say, "I don't know why but I just don't like it." Please limit feedback to what we're covering the the current week's homework, unless the original poster asked for more detailed feedback.

7. Spam and rude comments will be deleted without warning, and posters removed from the group. We are a constructive, supportive group, and I look after my beginners fiercely. It's a safe place to post your photos, whatever stage of the photographic journey you are on. 



We use the #AYearWithMyCamera hashtag. Please join in. For every image you post with the hashtag, please Like and Comment on at least one other image using the hashtag.

The Video Course

A Year With My Camera is available in 3 formats: 1. the free email course, 2. the workbooks on Amazon, and 3. as a video course. If you like to learn by watching videos, you might be interested in the video version. For a 50% discount on the first module, use this coupon code: WELCOME



Most people start by having a go at the #Make30Photos challenge. You can read more about it here – #Make30Photos challenge.


This has happened enough times that I need to spell it out. Do not copy and paste my emails and publish them on your blog, even if you credit me. One lady last year copied the entire course and published it as her own - it wasn't up for long. I used to be a lawyer and I do protect my copyright. It's very easy to check if this is happening, and I do it regularly.

If you would like to blog about AWYMC, please do - the more people that hear about it the better. These are the guidelines:

1. You may copy and paste 1 paragraph only from an email into your blog post, if you include a clickable link to AYearWithMyCamera.com as well.

2. You may reproduce 1 of my images in your blog post, if you credit me (Emma Davies) and include a clickable link to AYearWithMyCamera.com.