My flagship course for beginner photographers takes you on a year long personal journey with your camera.

Master the controls in only 6 weeks, take photos you're proud of in 3 months, and be the best photographer you know by the end of the year.

The email version of the course is free, and you can enroll here: 

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I have 2 other online courses for 2 very specific groups of people.

If you're a florist or a lifestyle blogger, I can take you from being unhappy with your images to being proud to publish your photographs - all with my trademark step by step approach to making progress.

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Sussex flower school

Click here for details of my next beginner's DSLR workshop at The Sussex Flower School:


hire me to teach a workshop

I will come and teach photography to your group (max 10 attendees per workshop).

Get a group of friends together, have a great day, and improve your photography in the quickest way possible.

BLOGGERS: I'll come to your next meetup or photo walk.

BLOGGERS: I'll come to your next meetup or photo walk.

U3A: National Trust, English Heritage - where do you meet?

U3A: National Trust, English Heritage - where do you meet?

GARDENERS: Let's meet at an RHS or National Trust place.

GARDENERS: Let's meet at an RHS or National Trust place.

SMALL BUSINESSES: I'll come to your next meeting

SMALL BUSINESSES: I'll come to your next meeting


Choose your workshop


For a group who don't even know how to charge the battery on their camera. They want to learn how to use a big camera, but maybe need to borrow their dad's or sister's for the day. Perhaps they're thinking of buying a camera, but want to know if they will be able to use it before they commit.

Topics covered: The absolute basics of switching the camera on, changing batteries, changing lenses. How to focus, how to take a photo on auto modes. The differences between phones, compact cameras and DSLRs, and why you might want to use a DSLR. How to start using your DSLR off auto modes. How to take a gorgeous photo with a blurred background.

BASIC DSLR (Half day or full day)

For photographers who are comfortable shooting on Program or Auto modes, but who want to start using the manual controls confidently. 

We'll do a quick refresher of the basics (exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO), and then work through a series of exercises to help you remember what you're doing with manual controls when you're out on your own. You'll leave knowing how to use aperture to control depth of field, and (full day only) shutter speed to control blur and camera shake. A tripod is useful for the full day workshop, but not essential.

If you don't want a whole day of technical DSLR, you can make a full day workshop with this as the morning session, and then any of the Macro, Creative Flower Photography, or Photo Walk half day workshops as the afternoon session.

MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY (Full day preferred)

Introduction to macro photography. All participants must have a DSLR, macro lens (or extension tubes) and tripod.

A good understanding of aperture, depth of field, lighting and exposure are essential for macro photography, so the workshop starts with the basics of these topics. We then work intensively with macro lenses both indoors and out to create beautiful images that use the technology to its full potential.

This workshop can be booked as the afternoon session if the morning session is the half day Basic DSLR course.


You can do this workshop with any camera, including phones and compacts.

We will cover: basic and advanced composition techniques, how to use natural daylight for beautiful photos, and finding your style. This workshop works well as the afternoon session where the morning session is a half day Basic DSLR course.


How to take professional looking photographs using just your iPhone. Topics include: composition, light, basic video, editing and sharing.

All participants need to be using iPhones. This course can be combined with the Instagram course or the Photo Walk, to make a full day workshop.


We'll start by setting up an Instagram account, then move on to cover consistency of posting, the importance of strong composition, finding your style, hashtags, and building a community.

The venue must have wifi. This course can be combined with the iPhone course or the Photo Walk to make a full day workshop.

PHOTO WALK (Half day only)

You tell me where you want to meet, and I'll plan a photo walk to make the most of your venue. A great opportunity to create content for your blog or Instagram.

This workshop works very well as the afternoon session combined with a morning of either basic DSLR, Instagram, or iPhone photography. 


If you have a group who wants to work on a particular photography technique, or you want a combination of classes that isn't covered here, use the contact form below to give me details and I'll send you a personalised workshop proposal. 

For example; photography to get your blog noticed, travel photography where weight of kit is an issue, or archiving your family photos. The only things I won't teach on location are studio lighting (too much kit), and kids photography (models required). 



Half day: 10-1, or 2-5; £250 (3 hours, £25 per head if 10 people) 

Full day: 10-4; £450 (6 hours, £45 per head if 10 people)

Travel is extra if the venue is more than 1 hour from Surrey. For full day workshops, participants need to bring their own lunch.


Reserve a date

Please fill in this form, giving me details about your group, where you are located, 2 or 3 suggested dates, and which course you are interested in. I'll get back to you with a confirmed date and workshop outline.

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