Do you know someone with a big camera who is baffled by the settings, nervous of changing anything and disappointed with most photos they take? That is the person I can turn into a confident photographer, not afraid to shoot in public, in control of their camera and proud of the photos they take.

You’re helping so many people to become the photographers they want to be.
Thank you for caring about we little guys swimming in a sea of uncertainty.

My complete beginner's photography workshop is completely different to anything else out there:

1. It takes a year, because you cannot learn photography in a weekend.

2. The email version is entirely free for the whole year, no strings, no catches. 

3. It starts right at the very beginning, with the buttons and dials, and does not assume you know anything at all. 

4. There is one small lesson every Thursday which builds on the previous lesson. You learn without realising it.

I am growing in confidence and really enjoying the journey.

I asked the 5,000 people currently enrolled on the course what they were proudest of learning. This is what they said:

I’m most proud that I can pick up the camera and do things with it without looking at the manual.
I am finally able to take a predawn shot that I have never been able to figure out how to do before.
I just feel completely comfortable with my camera now.

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Are you looking for a photographer? I am not taking on any more clients at the moment. If you are a British flower farmer or florist wanting to get in touch about a shoot for the British Flowers Book, contact me here.

Do you want me to run a workshop? I will come to you and teach a maximum of 8 people if you have a suitable venue. Please get in touch here.

Full day: 10am - 4pm, £500. Excludes lunch/refreshments, includes my travel.