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Google Map of all the locations in the book

Link to road trip itineraries

Replicate the Annex, with clickable links

Chapter 1 – Why is landscape photography [ ]?

Relevant blog posts:

Leave only footprints, take only photographs?

Chapter 2 – Kit


Chapter 3 – Camera controls

Get off Auto with the first few A Year With My Camera lessons: [include first 6 chapters as downloadable pdfs]

Chapter 4 – Light

[Downloadable checklist of light safari]

Cloudspotters book link

Chapter 5 – Composition


Landscape Photography of the Year

Instagram: Durdle Door

500px: Bamburgh Castle

Michael Kenna

Chapter 6 – Editing

When will Lightroom for Landscape Photographers next run?

Chapter 7 – Planning

Downloadable pdf to help plan your next shoot

Chapter 8 – Dos and dont’s


Chapter 9 – Road Trip Tips

Favourite foods for the road inc dehydrated

Kettle etc

Chapter 10 – Shooting in all weathers


Chapter 11 –