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Locations map

There is a Google Map of the locations in the book (each camera icon shows the exact spot I stood to take the images in the book, as close as I can remember): click to view the map (it’s a work in progress).


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Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

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Chapter 1 – Why is landscape photography such a challenge?

Leave only footprints, take only photographs?

Chapter 2 – Kit

The answers to all the questions about lenses you’ve been afraid to ask

Should you be using filters?

When to use a tripod

Chapter 3 – Camera controls

PhotoPills hyperfocal distance calculator

Get off Auto with the first six A Year With My Camera lessons (the pdf is Part 1 of the A Year With My Camera workbook):

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Chapter 4 – Light

The Cloudspotters Guide

The Photographer’s Ephemeris: How to predict the sun’s height through the day (video)

Chapter 5 – Composition

Landscape Photographer of the Year

Instagram: Durdle Door

500px: Bamburgh Castle

Michael Kenna

Twice a year I run an online course called, “Composition, Beyond the Basics”. If you want a structured approach to moving your composition from basic to intermediate and advanced, it might be for you. If you are already signed up to the A Year With My Camera emails you will hear about when it runs again automatically. If not, the best way to hear about the next run-through is to sign up for my once-a-month newsletter: you’ll just get one email at the end of every month with a list of what’s new. Sign up here:

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Chapter 6 – Editing

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Chapter 7 – Planning

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris


How to plan where the Milky Way will be (PhotoPills)

Chapter 9 – Road Trip Tips

Firepot dehydrated foods

Miscellaneous links

Dark Skies


Magic Seaweed

Link to StarStax

Lee stoppers app

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