Welcome to A Year With My Camera - I hope you find the workshop fun, and you see your confidence grow every week.

There should be a welcome email waiting for you in your inbox now - please have a look for it and open it, because it is full of important information about what to do next, and how to get the most out of the course.

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Email not there?

If you use gmail, it might have been delivered to your Promotions folder. The easiest way to stop this happening with the rest of my emails is to drag and drop the first email from the Promotions folder to the Primary folder. Or you can add admin@emmadaviesphoto.com as a contact. Or you can set up a filter (under settings) so that all emails from admin@emmadaviesphoto.com go to your inbox.

Although most people get the welcome email within 5 minutes, a few people each day who sign up have to wait more than an hour.

Once you find the email, please open it: this trains your email service provider that you want to receive the course emails. If you do this, they are more likely to deliver future emails to your inbox than to your spam folder.

What to expect

The course starts on the first Thursday of every month (except August and December). You'll get an email every Thursday with a photography lesson and a project. The first 6 lessons will get you off Auto mode, and then the workshop continues for the rest of the year with a series of lessons alternating creative and technical photography.

If you join between starts you’ll still get an email every Thursday, with some pre-course warm up information and a small project.

THe facebook group

Details of the private Facebook group will be included in your weekly email.

The app

If you prefer an ad-free private online community, take a look at the A Year With My Camera app (Apple and Android).


We use the #AYearWithMyCamera hashtag. Please join in. For every image you post with the hashtag, please Like and Comment on at least one other image using the hashtag. To find your cohort, use the “AYWMC” plus your month and year, eg. #AYWMCJuly2019

The books

If you prefer a book in your hands you might like the AYWMC workbooks. They are available on your local Amazon store. Click here for more details and to download a free chapter.


Most people start by having a go at the #Make30Photos challenge. You can read more about it here – #Make30Photos challenge. But please check your inbox for your Welcome email first.