30 Days of Photo Secrets

Do you like your photo tips short and snappy? Do you like to watch what to do, not read what to do? You need to be following my 30 Days of Photo Secrets on Instagram:

Here's a taster - the first 4 in the series. Follow me (@EmmaDaviesPhoto) and then search for #30DaysOfPhotoSecrets to see what's already been published. And look out for a new video posted at 9am every day in June.

Macro with no new kit - no macro lenses, adaptors or tubes. 

How to get a seamless white background.

How to deal with harsh, direct sun in the field.

Overlooked & underused - the most intimate aspect of your photo.


Coming up later in june:

Background cheats, how the histogram can save you hours editing, shooting RAW, using white balance, how many megapixels do you need, and how to use a neutral density filter in Lightroom to rescue your sky after you've taken the photo.