A Year In Numbers

AYWMC: A Year in Numbers

2,742 people took part in A Year With My Camera 2016

8,189 Instagram photos were shared with the #AYearWithMyCamera hashtag

10,247 Instagram photos were shared with the #1Day12Pics hashtag

11 new babies/grandchildren were born

2 earthquakes were survived, one in Italy and one in New Zealand

1 official meetup was held


The top 3 things people said they are proudest of learning this year

1. Shooting off auto without thinking about it

2. Being able to shoot a family wedding/new baby confidently

3. Not missing the shot on holiday or travelling

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The kit we use


The 3 most popular lessons

1. Shooting on Aperture priority to blur the background

2. Basic composition

3. Using a tripod to shoot bright photos when it's gloomy and dark


The Book

Launched 3 November: No. 1 Amazon bestseller in the Digital Photography category

Highlight of the launch: a congratulatory tweet from Scott Kelby, as I outsold him for a day:


My 3 favourite things people said about A Year With My Camera

1. "Thank you for caring about we little guys swimming in a sea of uncertainty."

2. "I know that teaching gives you satisfaction, but I hope that it also makes you proud - it should do, because you're helping so many people to become the photographers they want to be."

3. "This is a very supportive group. No need for 'the dog ate my homework' excuses with Emma. We join in when we can and want to, this is not a place to feel guilty but to have fun.... and therefore learn."


Coming in 2017

1. The whole 12 months as video lessons (part 1 available now: Get Off Auto, the Video Lessons)

2. Online Fine Art Flower Photography workshop - step by step instructions on how to create 12 different fine art flower images

3. Online weekend crash courses, starting with "Nail aperture priority once and for all" in January. 

4. In person meetups and workshops in the north and south of the UK.


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All the photographs in this post were taken by A Year With My Camera participants and shared by them on Instagram. If you click a photo you will be taken to their Instagram profile.