April highlights in floral photography

The clocks have gone back, the flowers are fighting to be first out, and the world smells of optimism.

Although this month has been full of sunshine, blossom and fresh air, my favourite image (above) was from a shoot I did with Caroline of Cherfold Cottage Flowers. Her colours came together with the glancing sunshine from a skylight to create an intense moment.


I enjoyed another darker syled shoot with Emma de Sousa, who is launching her new brand on 1 June: 


But April is really all about the blossom. It's here and gone so quickly...

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Working with Claire (Plantpassion) we documented plenty of tulips for The British Flowers Book:


My own experiments in flower arranging are continuing. Sometimes I can create what I plan to, other times something else happens and I'm not sure if it's OK or not. But, as I tell my photography students, I'm striving for progress not perfection.

(Also, yes I may have treated myself to Capture By Lucy's Grey Temple Walls backdrop this month, and I may have used it to the exclusion of all else.)


And last up - I don't usually like flatlay photography (where you shoot straight down onto a table top). Too much of it has me feeling a bit claustrophobic. But I made an exception this month for a client, and do you know, I quite enjoyed it?

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I'm experimenting with a consistent grid in May. Expect more like this: