Getting started with Lightroom

Do you need beginner's Lightroom advice? Lightroom is a fabulous tool, designed to seamlessly integrate with a photographer's digital workflow. But it is not something you can just download and start using. Many of my students want to learn Lightroom but are overwhelmed by all the different videos and courses on offer.

This is my 'Getting started with Lightroom' advice: watch the following videos, and you will have everything you need to import and edit your first images. Once you can do this, you can selectively pick the other things that you need to know, but you won't be wasting time up front learning things you don't need to.

All these videos are from Adobe's own excellent Lightroom beginner's course and cover importing, basic organisation, and basic edits. There are links to more advanced tutorials at the end, but watch just these 7 videos and you will know everything you need to, to get started today.

First - understand how Lightroom is laid out:

Next - import images from your camera:

Learn how to organise and work with your images:

First basic edit: cropping

Other basic edits to try:

Export your images for print or sharing:

There are 32 videos in Adobe's 'getting started' series, but you really only need these 7 truly to get started. 

The rest of the course can be found on YouTube here: Getting Started With Lightroom CC.

Lightroom is available by monthly subscription, but you can (at the time of writing) still download it as a standalone product. Go to your country's Adobe homepage, and find the "View All Products" section - not the Creative Cloud products, but the standalone products. It might be lurking in the footer.

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