Week 21: 8 Autumn photos to shoot this month

1. Shoot into the sun

Get the low sun behind the leaves for a back-lit pop. Include the sun in the shot and try for a sunflare (but don't look at the sun). If your images are coming out too dark, use the exposure compensation dial to add 1 to 2 stops of over exposure.

shoot into the sun 3.jpg


2. Just 2 colours

Create eye-catching images by limiting your palette to just 2 colours:

just 2 colours.jpg


3. Leaves on the ground

A classic autumn shot - look down with your camera and see what's underfoot:

leaves on the ground ali inay.jpg


4. Look up

Now turn the camera skywards:

look up.jpg


5. Include people in the shot

People add interest, context and they can kick leaves while you work the camera. To freeze the leaves being tossed, use shutter priority mode and select a shutter speed of 1/250th or faster. To add a bit of blur, try 1/60th.

people in shot.jpg


6. Frost

Get out before the first rays of sun hit the ground for some crisp, seasonal shots:



7. Macro

If you have a macro lens, or macro mode on your camera, get up close and show the details. Use a tripod (or pile of books) and self timer if the light is low and you need a longer shutter speed:



8. Have some fun with editing

My current favourite app is Prisma - all the power of Photoshop's art filters in your phone:

fall shots to take this month 750.jpg

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