September highlights

In case you missed it...

I discovered Magisto

Magisto is an incredibly sophisticated video editing platform run entirely on artificial intelligence. Dump all your footage and photos, and it makes a first cut which is phenomenal. If you want to add captions or tweak anything at all you can (if you upgrade from from the basic plan).

I have been going overboard on videos a bit, just because they are so easy to make. Here are a few I've been sharing:

Each one took less than 5 minutes to make. Previously I'd been painstakingly editing all my videos in Screenflow, but not any more. Expect more of these.

A Year With My Camera has its own Facebook page

I have been running the Facebook side of AYWMC from my own Facebook page, but with 7,500 people now having signed up it is time to have a new home. Please come and Like the page and share a post - there will be weekly challenges (on a Thursday), plenty of videos, opportunities for feedback, and you'll see all the AYWMC announcements there first.

Do you want to learn about Flower Photography?

If you're an intermediate or advanced photographer, and are interested in my upcoming new course, "The Art Of Flower Photography", you can have your say on what is included in the course. Fill in this short survey to let me know what you want to see covered.


September restart for A Year With My Camera

I tried something for the first time in September - I offered a mid-year restart for people wanting to do A Year With My Camera. Over 2,000 people signed up, and more than half joined the private Facebook group. It has been a successful option, so I plan to offer starts in January, April and September each year. If you want to go on the waiting list for the next start, join here:

2 BestSeller flags

My workbooks are selling like hotcakes over on Amazon. I finally got the coveted orange "best seller" flag for the first book this month:

I'm now offering a free chapter to download, if you want to see how the workbooks look inside. Click here and scroll about half way down to find the download.

I want your feedback

I'm going to start a blog for the A Year With My Camera site. Please fill in this 3 question survey and I will start writing the first posts based on your suggestions: