March highlights in floral photography

It all starts happening in March. Anemones, hellebores, tulips. And the promise of ranunculus just around the corner.

This photo of tulips and hellebores is my favourite from this month. And it was a bit of an accident - underexposed, white balance a bit off, and aperture left on 1.4 from a previous photo. But I just love it.


This was the month I tried (properly, with books) to master flower arranging. Or at least, be able to do more than put bunches in vases. From this:

to this:


Not bad, hey? For a first go? I used The Flower Recipe Book from Studio Choo, & recommend it highly. Success breeds success, so I kept going throughout the month:

The last one was an actual hand tie - which Georgia from The Sussex Flower School has been patiently teaching me for about 2 years now.

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Lots of macro in March - it fills the time while it's raining out:

THE cutest shoot I've ever done in my entire life - Lana, the latest addition in the Vanessa Birley Florals household. (More photos from that shoot here: Always Work With Puppies.)


Behind the scenes: Claire (Plantpassion) took this photo of me in the corner of her polytunnel taking a quick close up that I could see in black & white.



One last hellebore to round off the month - that's it for these beauties until next year: