Washing line photos

It's been 3 years since I said I'd print more photos out each year, and have I actually done it each year? No of course not. But today I did. And this is the result.

And here are the details for those of you inspired to create your own washing line of photos (my inspiration came from @me_sarahwells).

Prints from Social Print Studio (formely Printstagram). You probably know by now that I don't do sponsored posts, take payment in kind, or do any kind of affiliate marketing. I don't particularly like the fact I keep having to say this, but I just want you to know that I'm not raving about them just because they sent me free prints. They didn't send me anything.

Next - use high tech blu tac to stick your fancy striped Pinterest string to the wall. Or if you have time/inclination, use a more grown up pin/tack/nail solution. But don't let the fact you don't have pins/tacks/nails stop you from getting your prints on the wall. 

And then (using tiny pegs you found online somewhere), you can start hanging your prints out:

Bluebirds are optional. I got mine at Paperchase. They only seem to do them in the wedding season, and they come with clips where their feet should be.