August round up

The most important news from A Year With My Camera is that you have a 2 week opportunity to restart the course. It will run again from the beginning, starting on 14 September. More details here: Register now for the next AYWMC start. The next start will be January 2018.

The Eclipse

Did you see the eclipse? I saw the one back in 1999 over Tower Bridge in London - eerie and fascinating. Sadly before the days of camera phones so I only have a record of it in my head. (Or maybe that's a good thing? Do you think the way we can document everything has changed us?)

This post from National Geographic has a roundup of some eclipse photos, and (more interestingly?) lots of "people watching the eclipse" photos.

Planner launch

By popular request I have had an undated planner designed, to help with my beginner's workshop. If you have the A Year With My Camera workbooks or take the email course, the planner helps you stay on track each week with reminders and checklists on each page. It shot to the #1 Best Seller spot in the Photography category on Amazon on launch day.

Take the guided tour here: A Year With My Camera Planner launch

Instagram finds

I found 3 gorgeous new floral accounts to follow this month; @miyako_koumura, @kasha63, and @symirnasymirna.

Left: @miyako_koumura. Middle: @kasha63. Right: @symirnasymirna.

Left: @miyako_koumura. Middle: @kasha63. Right: @symirnasymirna.

30 Days of Composition

Every August I host the #30DaysOfComposition challenge on Instagram. So far over 3,500 photographs have been submitted. If you missed the group challenge this year you can still take part in your own time. All the prompts are in this post: 30 Days Of Composition.

Dahlia season

From now until the first frost the flowery people of the northern hemisphere are going a bit nuts for dahlias. Expect more before the season finishes.

My Most Popular New posts this month

What exactly is #1day12pics? Good timing for this post - the next #1day12pics is this Saturday, 2nd September.

Mirrorless cameras vs DSLRs. A practical guide for people thinking about either making the switch, or investing in a big camera for the first time.

How to get the hipster, faded look in editing. If you want consistent, repeatable edits for your Instagram feed, take a look at this post.

What is "balance" in photographic composition? This post was written at the request of people doing my #30DaysOfComposition August challenge. 

How to stop sunflare with your hat. This has been an unexpectedly very popular post. I thought everyone knew this trick, but apparently not. 

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