Reverse lens macro

You can take macro photographs like this with no new kit.

No reversing rings, extension tubes, specialist lenses, close up filters: all you need is a camera with a removable lens.

Watch this video to see how:


If the video doesn't show, you can watch it here: Reverse Lens Macro Video


How to do reverse lens macro photography without a reversing ring

1. Switch your camera off (to minimise dust being attracted to the sensor when you take the lens off).

2. Take the lens off, turn it around and just hold it flush to the body. It's awkward but manageable.

3. Switch the camera back on. The aperture will automatically be the maximum for your lens, and you can't change it once it's reversed. Use shutter speed and ISO to control exposure.

4. You can't use the lens to focus, so just move the whole camera closer to your subject until the bit you want is in focus. 

5. If you want to change the aperture, you have to risk getting dust on your sensor. With the camera set up normally on Manual mode, change the aperture to the one you want. Depress the depth of field preview button (this forces the lens to adopt the chosen aperture). Keeping the preview button held down, and leaving the camera on, take the lens off. This fixes the aperture at the one you chose. Now carry on as above, but you'll be able to use a smaller aperture.

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